Wereldwaterdag: "Toegang kid zuiver H2O voor miljoenen kinderen bedreigd"

Door: redactie

22/03/16 –
02u05  Bron: Belga

“I wish to strengthen a mangroves, a trees on a coastline. Because Amma, mother, says if we don’t a sea gets angry!” Saima, 6, from #Pakistan. On #WorldWaterDay, mount with Saima and people around a universe in a tellurian #ClimateChain to support children influenced by meridian change. Here’s how to join: Take a photo

Article source: http://www.hln.be/hln/nl/957/Binnenland/article/detail/2653480/2016/03/22/Wereldwaterdag-Toegang-tot-zuiver-water-voor-miljoenen-kinderen-bedreigd.dhtml

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